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Federated Search

Federated Search is a simple-to-use full-text search interface permitting users to simultaneously search multiple repositories, currently supporting Symantec Enterprise Vault, Opentext eDOCS, and Microsoft Outlook. Federated Search offers AND/OR/NOT boolean capabilities, and permits users to Drag’n Drop hits from one repository to another.

Record Profiler

To facilitate the profiling of electronic records and their classification into the corporate file plan, Coredge Software offers Record-Profiler a hands-free and easy-to-train tool for automatically profiling and classifying documents s,tored in Document Management Systems into the Record Management Systems.

Record Digger

To assist with the process of identifying legacy records stored in mailboxes, local and public folders, or elsewhere, Coredge Software offers Record Digger, a robust, easy-to-use and readily accessible tool for providing a quick way to review and evaluate electronic records based on their content.

COR:MailManager Plus
COR:Mail/COR:DB/COR:Mail Manager - a suite of middleware products first released in 1996 enabling companies to easily and seamlessly integrate Lotus Notes® Mail and other databases with Opentext eDOCS™.

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