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COR:Mail Manager Plus
COR:Mail Plus
COR:Mail SA Plus

Why COR:Mail SA Plus?

COR:Mail SA Plus is targeted at Lotus Notes / Opentext eDOCS environments where Lotus Notes is primarily used for Mail, and no modifications to the Lotus Notes Mail template are required.


Integrates any Opentext eDOCS library with Lotus Notes Mail providing the abilities to:

  • Save Mail messages into Opentext in PDF

  • Save attachments into Opentext eDOCS as separate documents.

  • Save messages and attachments directly into a DM folder, thereby inheriting the characteristics of the selected DM folder, including security.

  • Modify attachment names in a mail message so as to overcome Lotus Notes issues arising when attaching files with very long descriptive names.

  • Save messages and attachments into DM, and maintain their relationship through the Related capabilities of DM, as well as through the description field of their profiles.

  • Save Attachments, and Replace them with DM references, resulting in reducing the size of mailboxes to less than 1/10th of the original size, thus freeing Lotus Notes to perform with increased speed and efficiency.

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