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Opentext eDOCS users may invoke Lotus Notes Mail for sending multiple attachments, references (links), and URLs. COR:Mail Plus now captures and retains the 'look and feel' of the mail message by saving them into DM libraries as PDF documents. Saving e-mail messages in PDF format (read only) provides increased document security consistent with tenets of Sarbanes-Oxley.

Coredge offers two flexible options within the COR:Mail product family: COR:Mail and COR:Mail SA. Both offer seamless integration between Lotus Notes® and Opentext™ DM products. The difference? COR:Mail SA provides a standalone interface for customers preferring not to modify the Lotus Notes Mail template.

Centralize Documents
Centralize documents that once resided on hard drives, in public folders and email in one central repository that is both accessed and controlled by searchable metadata.

Manage Mail Inboxes
Inbox file limits are easy to manage with COR:Mail. COR:Mail enables users to auto-profile important messages and attachments in eDOCS libraries, or replace attachments with eDOCS references, drastically reducing the size of a user's mail file.


  • E-Mail messages are saved into Opentext in PDF format.

  • COR:Mail Plus offers the option of saving messages, and their attachments directly into DM FOLDERS, whereby, the messages and their attachments will inherit the characteristics of the DM folder, including profile information, and security.

  • COR:Mail Plus now enables users to modify attachment names in a mail message so as to overcome Lotus Notes issues arising when attaching files with very long descriptive names.

  • COR:Mail plus allows users to Save messages and their attachments into DM, and maintain their relationship through the Related capabilities of DM, as well as through the description field of their profiles.

  • COR:Mail plus allows users to save Attachments, and Replace them with DM references, resulting in reducing the size of mailboxes to less than 1/10th of the original size, thus freeing Lotus Notes to perform with increased speed and efficiency.

COR:Mail Plus includes the powerful features and functions found in its predecessor COR:Mail.

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