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COR:Mail Manager Plus
COR:Mail Plus
COR:Mail SA Plus

Compliance – with the tenets of Sarbanes-Oxley and similar legally imposed and/or mandated IT document integrity management matters.

Auto-Profile – automatically populates metadata into appropriate document profile fields.

Self-Managing – no user intervention, automatically alerts Administrator(s) of any problems or issues.

Advanced Session Audit Tracking – maintains log data of all transactions and/or issues for Administrator review and disposition as required.

Logs Exception Rules – logs exception rules applied to each email together with profile information including email subject. Also logs messages evading exception rules together with explanations.

Prioritized Exception Rules – enables the prioritization of exception rules consistent with the hierarchical requirements of the organization.

Dissemination of Email Messages Across Multiple DM Libraries – manages the capture and disposition of email messages and their attachments across multiple DM/RM libraries.

Multiple Stage Filtering – enables repeatable “fine-tune” filtering for optimal accuracy. Also provides for filtering of messages based on size.

Flexible Rules-Based Classification Processes – provides unrestricted flexibility in the application of processing criteria.

Dynamic Routing of Emails into File Plan – profiles emails to the desired categories in the File Plan.

Profiles Emails to Separate Libraries based upon Exception Rules.

Supports Additional Message Fields as Keywords for Exception Rules – further enables additional fields for matching to specific exception rules bypassing all other exception rules.

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